Find out more about our guitar teacher, Harry.

I began in 2011  when I was 11 years old. I had a Squier Stratocaster that was secondhand and barely worked but it was enough to get me into playing. My dad is also a guitarist and so I naturally picked up the instrument as guitars were in the house. I actually learned the drums first though, because I didn’t want to play the same instrument as my Dad!

I was self-taught for 5 years or so from YouTube/Songs. Regrettably, I didn’t have any actual lessons early on, which caused me to pick up some bad habits, but it also helped me craft a more unique style. Despite this, I think with the right teacher you can have the benefits of being self-taught, with the bonus of an experienced teacher.

It’s tricky to try and remember what song I learnt first, but some of my earliest memories of playing the guitar is jamming a blues 12 bar with my dad. Other than that, I was a big AC/DC fan, and although I found it very challenging, I was adamant to jump straight into the deep end with some hard rock!

My first gig was when I was 14; I was in school playing Sweet Child o’Mine, I undoubtedly butchered the solo and looked very awkward but enjoyed it nonetheless! But, my favourite is without a doubt a wedding gig I played in Bulgaria. It was my first experience travelling to a gig as a session musician. I played a large venue following virtuosic acts such as opera singing ladies and a Bulgarian folk group! It was a bit intimidating as we were the last to play, but it was extremely rewarding.

The favourite gig I’ve been to, I’d have to say Ozzy Osbourne at Download in 2018. I’m not much of an Ozzy fan myself but the gig had so much energy and they played all the classics!

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