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We understand that you may want to try before you buy! That’s why we offer a no commitment, no-obligation, completely free, trial lesson to give you a taster of the exciting journey to come. Visit the studio, meet your teacher and ask any questions you may have. And, of course, have a go at playing! 

Remember, every great guitarist started in the same position. It’s all about taking a leap of faith! A free guitar lesson is a perfect opportunity to jump into the incredible world of music, setting you on the path to strum along to your favourite tunes. Our dedicated team have the experience and expertise to ensure you first and foremost enjoy the session, catering the lesson to best suit you.

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If you’ve never played before, you’ll cover…

This is crucial to ensure that future playing on guitar is made easy. Both hands need to be in the proper position otherwise you may struggle to create the desired notes later down the line.

The single most important thing! If your guitar isn’t in tune, the noise you create won’t be right which of course, will sound a little strange to the ears.

Playing chords is the foundation of music. When you learn how to read them, you can begin learning real songs – including your own favourites!

Riffs and solos are made straightforward with tablature, also known as tab. Each line represents a string, bringing the total to 6 – or 4 if you are playing bass. The number assigned the line refers to which fret you put your fingers on.

A song’s rhythmic structure dictates when notes are played, for how long, and with what degree of emphasis. To play any song, you need to know when to play notes and for how long – otherwise, the song you are trying to play won’t sound right!

Let’s get playing! These simple examples will provide the building blocks, kickstarting your guitar playing. Without the right foundations, learning can be difficult so we ensure all our students have a solid understanding before we get started with more challenging lessons down the road. 

Already play? In your free lesson, we’ll take you through…

If you already play guitar or have done in the past, we can explore areas you’d like to work on, adding to your ability as a guitarist. We can also check all the foundations are in place, securing your knowledge and ensuring nothing is halting your progress. 

Often, just a little tweak to your technique can yield big results. For example, adjusting your fretting hand thumb position to maximize reach or give strength to string bends; anchoring the picking hand for precise playing; or, hitting the string with the pick angled so it doesn’t get caught on the strings, increasing speed as a result.

Don’t underestimate the foundations! Knowing the basics is crucial before we get you rocking out to your favourite songs!

We’ll also go through a quick theory checklist to find any gaps in your knowledge. This includes:

  • Open, power and barre chords
  • Playing a 12 bar-blues
  • Major and minor pentatonic scales (there’s a trick that makes this easy!)
  • Knowing an sus2 from sus4

If you are considering studying for a grade, we can advise you on which level would suit and have the books for you to browse the repertoire. 

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